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Michael J. Cappello

State Certified Residential Real Estate Appraiser #RD2682

I have lived in south Florida for 40 years, I have been a residential real estate appraiser for over 20 years and I have completed over 5,000 appraisals.

As an experienced Appraiser who lives in Port Saint Lucie and appraises exclusively in Port Saint Lucie I can quickly provide you with a thorough and accurate appraisal.

Prior to appraising exclusively in Port Saint Lucie I appaised many unique or specialized properties such as Palm Beach mansions, luxury waterfront condominiums, oceanfront homes, homes in country club communities, equestrian properties and unique homes such as dome homes, A-frames and stilt homes.

I have also been hired by developers to assist them in properly pricing their homes in new developments, investors have utilized my services to assist them with their real estate investment decisions and attorneys and accountants have hired me to assist their clients with appraisals for estate and divorce purposes.

As a professional state certified real estate appraiser and experienced Port St Lucie appraiser I do the best to make sure all the appraisals I provide are fair, accurate, honest and meet the highest standards of the appraisal profession.

When you hire me to appraise a property, you are paying for my professional opinion. I will not be influenced by anyone's desire for a specific value and I will not omit important adverse factors from the appraisal report that may negatively affect the value of the property. I provide honest and ethical appraisals and give my clients the best appraisal possible.

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